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The vicious dressmaker put her address in her pocket ...



Duration:11 min

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The boy went to the dressmaker to have some pants fixed for him, the girl made him take them off to take his measurements and since he is a vicious, when he saw that the boy had a good cock marked under his underwear, he was left wanting more. so when the boy picked up the pants and went to his house, he discovered that the urchin's pocket had left him his address, a full-fledged shot that the kid didn't let go. when the boy picked at the girl's house, she opened him freshly showered, with just a towel on and dropped it on top of her as soon as she saw the boy, she means that she was totally naked for him. at one point they were in bed tied up and had a brutal fuck. she is a brunette with an amazing slender tip, which she knew how to make the boy enjoy until the two of them had some good cumshots, you can tell that the girl had been waiting for that moment of sex for a long time.

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