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That daddy, punish me hard! This teenager is out of control



Duration:15 min

Added:3 years ago

Without a boyfriend who sticks his cock and removes that desire for sex, she decides to show her daddy's ass to see if he wants to fuck her. The girl is very rebellious, so when her father is close, she climbs on her legs, climbs her skirt and tells him that daddy, punish me hard! The old man gives his daughter a pair of spanking and then notices that the girl has no underwear; when he sees the shell of his daughter, the bastard gets a very hard cock and can't hide the fact of being excited to see that pink and tight shell that his little daughter has. The girl realizes that her old man has a stiff cock, so he takes the first step and tells the dad to make her a woman, that is what she wants to stop being a rebel.

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