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Stay still grandfather! You must let soap on your body



Duration:30 min

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Now that he is an old man and his body does not respond as it should, this old man needs assistance for personal hygiene. His granddaughter, who has studied nursing, knows how to help him wash his body daily and thus maintain his hygiene like any normal person. The girl has been living with her grandfather for a while now. He has already established trust with him again and has seen him completely naked. The young girl, while she was helping her grandfather to bathe, noticed that the old man was getting a hard cock. That made her feel a little embarrassed, but it was very interesting to see the manly member who brought her father into the world. The little bitch got very excited when he touched the old man's cock, helping him to bathe, so, like an incestuous sow he undressed in front of the old man, he made him eat the shell and then he steeled his ass, leaving him well positioned, for the old man to inject some milk into her pussy. This woman is a sweet tooth!

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