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Look how you left me the shell! My husband is going to find out



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The neighbor is a young girl who took advantage of marrying an old man to get her money. The girl has a bullshit face, the innocent is very bad but nothing is further from reality and you will see why. She knocks on my door "to ask for sugar" after I make her enter the apartment to give her some sugar, she sits next to me and comments that next to her husband she doesn't feel like a woman, uff! When he told me that, I already knew that he was going to fuck me. I didn't talk much, I knew I wanted him to get hard fast, so I put down my pants and put her to suck like the bitch she is. I quickly put her on all fours on the couch, there I gave her a cane until I got tired and let her relieve me God! This young lady wanted sex, she kept riding on me; The dog did so well that I ran inside her shell, leaving it full of milk. In the end, when all my semen came out of its squirting shell, the little bitch told me, look how you left the shell! My husband is going to find out that he is a cuckold haha! The whore was making fun of her own husband who was working to feed her.

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