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He fucks his daughter and asks him not to say anything



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Tonight I will always remember her in my life as the night I lost control and I fucked my daughter. I'm not proud of it but she looked for it. I was in my room reading a little before bedtime when my daughter came in, I figured she would come to say good night, but she wanted to tell me something else, she started talking to me about sexual issues, she even showed me her tits. I know she is my daughter but I have to admit that she is very good, and seeing her naked made me very horny, when she started to suck my cock I was paralyzed, I did not know how to stop her, I was doing so well ... I completely lost control, I opened her legs and began to fuck her violently, she was my daughter and I wanted her to never forget that night, the night her father fucked her and made her enjoy as no man had done before. Finally I asked him to please say nothing, if he finds out his mother would have killed me, and I would not be able to fuck my dear daughter again.

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